Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 9: Halloween Fun House

This week we have a real treat for all the students in PE. We are doing a Halloween fun house that will feature three different stations. All stations are review from this year so far.

Our first station will be a jump rope station that students will be able to practice basic jump rope skills and partner skills. They will also have the option to do long ropes at this station. The second station will be the full rock wall challenge. Students will be challenged to climb all the way across the gym without stopping. The last station will be a student favorite as they will get to ride scooters around the gym.

Light will be turned off and specialty lights will be used to light the gym. We will also feature a fog machine and a special Halloween treat at the end of the day. Looks to be a great week in PE!

Week 8: Rock climbing!!

This week in PE we are warming up with jump rope and climbing the rock wall. This is the first time we will have used the rock wall this year and hope to get everyone involved and having a great time. Our rock wall at Osuna is a traverse wall which means the main focus is getting across not going up the wall. All students have the protection of a crash mat below if they have to come off the wall. Rock climbing is great for upper body strength and endurance.

For the primary grades, students will be challenged to make it across the entire wall without coming off. This is a difficult task because are rock wall spans the length of the gym and gets more difficult as you go down the wall. Older students will be given a similar challenge however it will be taken a step further as students will be challenged to only use certain colors of rocks as they make their way across the wall. Another challenge to be given will be to make it through a series of obstacles that will be placed on the wall. This week all students will be assessed on effort and NM state standard # 3 and 4.

Week 7: Soccer skills

This week in PE we are working on soccer skills. The younger students will be focusing primarily on soccer dribbling. All students will have their own soccer ball and we will be dribbling in self space around the gym. We will be working on ball control and small touches. Once we have had a chance to practice, we will play dribble take away. Primary grades will move on to red light green light with soccer balls. If time permits then we will move to some dribbling races.

Older students will start much the same but will quickly progress into dribble take away where some students will not have a soccer ball will be challenged to take a ball away from a student that does not have a ball.

We will then move to practicing soccer passing in groups. After students are comfortable with passing a defender will be added to passing activity.

All skill work will lead up to game play the following week.