Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 2: Battleship!

Students are participating in a PE favorite called battleship this week. It works on both the overhand and underhand throw. It also works on teamwork and game strategy. The object of the game is to sink everyone’s battleship before your own battleship is sunk. Ships are sunk when all their pins, lined up on the corners of the ship, are knocked down. Students must stay on their mat (battleship) unless they are the team’s dolphin, in which case they are on a scooter and retrieving balls (cannons) for their team. This game is very fast pasted and games only last 3-5 minutes. New dolphins are selected each time and strategy time is given to teams to discuss ways to protect their battleship while trying to sink others ships. Grades K-2 are assessed on underhand throwing and teamwork. Grades 3-5 are assessed on overhand throwing and teamwork. PE standards covered this week include standard 1 and standard 5.

Welcome Back!!!!

Welcome back everyone!! I hope everyone had an active summer and you are energized for another great year at Osuna. I enjoyed my summer at the Albuquerque Academy and making many changes to our new home. I am really excited to introduce some new activities and of course re-teach some of our favorites.

Our first week of PE will consist of reviewing all of our PE rules and guidelines. We will warm our brains and bodies up with some fun warm-up games. We will also cover playground games and the proper way to use all equipment. Don’t forget to check the website to see what your child is doing in PE each week.

Remember to take note of your child’s PE day so they have the proper clothing and tennis shoes.