Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 19: Heart Beat!

This week in PE we are talking about heart rate. We are discussing how to find out heart rate, what our resting heart rate is and what our max heart rate is (220 - your age = your max heart rate). We are then participating in a series of tag games and measuring how our heart rate goes up and down with activity and rest.

Tag Games
1. Tangle Tag- A group of three students join hands and move in a circle in order to protect one student from the tagger who is the fourth person in the group. The tagger has to go around right or left in order to tag a designated student.
2. Pac Man- This an Osuna favorite. It is basically modified line tag. Students can only move on the lines inside the gym using different locomotor patterns (walking, galloping, hopping, skipping etc.). There are three taggers (pac-man) who hold power balls and attempt to tag other students. If you are tagged you must do 10 jumping jacks and then you can re-enter.
3. Hoop Tag- This is good old fashion tag with one big twist, you play with a partner and you must only move within the confines of a hula hoop that is on the ground. You must tag your partners hoop with your own. If tagged you must do three hula hoops and then you can try to tag your partner.

During this series of tag games we stop and check our heart rate and discuss what is taking place inside of our bodies. It is a great opportunity to talk about the benefits of staying physically fit and the importance of exercise. It is going to be a great week!!