Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 24: Soccer Skills

This week in PE we are working on soccer skills. The younger students will be focusing primarily on soccer dribbling. All students will have their own soccer ball and we will be dribbling in self space around the gym. We will be working on ball control and small touches. Once we have had a chance to practice, we will play dribble take away. Primary grades will move on to red light green light with soccer balls. If time permits then we will move to some dribbling races.

Older students will start much the same but will quickly progress into dribble take away where some students will not have a soccer ball will be challenged to take a ball away from a student that does not have a ball.

We will then move to practicing soccer passing in groups. After students are comfortable with passing a defender will be added to passing activity.

All skill work will lead up to game play the following week.

Week 22 and 23 Fitness is Fun Stations.

This week we are gearing up for testing and for the next two weeks we will be doing Fitness is FUN Stations! We have 11 fitness stations that will keep everyone moving and breathing hard.

The key to keeping our epidemic child obesity rate down is regular physical activity. Unfortunately not all of our students get the recommended exercise that they need per week. (The CDC recommends 60 minutes of vigorous activity everyday)With only 1 or 2 PE classes per week this does not give everyone adequate exercise for the week and therefore we will be focused on ways we can exercise outside of school.


1. Penny Stackers
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Big Hops
4. Basketball fitness
5. Sit-ups
6. Balance Machine
7. Hoop Run-Thru
8. Hockey shoot-out
9. Superman’s
10. Flexibility Central
11. Shuttle Run

Each Student will have a partner and go through all stations twice. Each station will be one minute long with a 10 second rest between each station. During this week I will be looking to meet NM State Standard number 4.