Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 15: Jump Rope Assessment

This week is a short week in PE due to thanksgiving break! We are having a jump rope assessment to measure how many jumps our students can do in two minutes. They are instructed to jump continuously without stopping and are allowed as many mess-ups as they want. At the end of two minutes their partner will tell them how many jumps they had and our 2nd thru 5th grades will record it on their score sheet. Our K and 1st graders will not be required to record their score but have their partner verbalize it. They will be given two trials and encouraged to improve on their second trial. I will keep their score sheets all year and every couple of months we will see how the students have improved. Since, we often warm-up with jump rope I think they will see much progress. If there is time at the end we will have a free jump. This week we are focusing on PE standard number 4, which is the student achieves and maintains a health enhancing level of fitness.