Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 18: Stations

This week in PE, we will be reviewing some of the skills that we covered the first 17 weeks of PE. We will be reviewing these skills in the form of stations for all of our students. We will begin our day with our jump rope warm-up and then move into our stations. Each station will be set-up in a different part of the gym and each station will last 5 minutes. If time permits, students may do a station more than once. These stations include:
1. Free style jump rope station
2. Throwing station
3. Catching station
4. Helicopter station
5. Shooting station
I will be at school on Monday but will be out the rest of the week due to surgery. I will be getting surgery on my right elbow to repair some ligaments that have been stretched for some time now. We will have a wonderful Osuna sub that will be in the gym from Tuesday to Friday. Have a great winter break!