Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 14th 2017!!

Week 24: Cross the River

This week in PE we are doing one of my personal favorite activities and that is cooperative games. The idea of cooperative games is the whole is greater than the individual. We will start each class with dice warm-up in which a selected student will roll the dice to decide from a list of 12 different exercises. After our warm-up we will complete an activity called “cross the river.” During this game students will have to work in teams to cross a “river” (the gym floor) without touching any part of the floor. Each group will be given a scooter, rope, and a tire. They will have an island (mat) in the middle of the gym to assist them and all equipment must be carried across along with their entire team. After completion of this activity the students must untangle from a team knot as well as complete the floating rod. During these activities I will be looking for teamwork, group cooperation, and sportsmanship. All students will be graded on NM state standard number 5.