Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 2: Pedometer Power!!

This week during PE we will start to talk about Pedometers and how we are going to use them throughout the year. Because we were so successful during our jump rope for Osuna last year, I have purchased a classroom set of pedometers and we will be using them for the first time this week! (a pedometer is a device used to count the amount of steps a student takes) We will be introducing them with some fitness activities and I will be keeping track of how many steps each class takes through out the week and year. Hopefully this will encourage even more exercise for all students at Osuna.

The two activities that will be performed will be:
1. Four corners tag
2. Fitness scavenger hunt

Both of these games can be found on www.pecentral.com at these links,


For more information about pedometers check this out,