Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 29 & 30: Summer Fitness

Play 60 is a program sponsored by the NFL that encourages students to get 60 minutes of exercise a day. Here at Osuna we strive to get each student as much activity as possible, however they still need to find time to exercise outside of school.

This next two weeks we are participating in fitness stations that are designed to be done at home over the summer. All of the stations are simple and can be done daily if desired. I have put in parenthesis ways that they can be done at home. These stations include:

Rock climbing ( Stone age, foothills, city rock walls)
Jogging (Jog the academy, around your neighborhood, or go for a hike)
Jump Rope (Jump rope each morning cheap, easy and fun)
Scooter riding (Ride your scooter or your bike around your neighborhood)
Hula Hoop (Get a hoop and get going)
Hopscotch ( Draw your own pattern with calk at your house)
Yoga (Find family classes, at home videos, or make your own up)
Core exercises (Make a daily routine)
Resistance training
And much more

I am encouraging all students to make time for exercise over the summer time. There are tons of ways we can all stay active and have fun this summer. At the end of the unit, all students are writing out their goals for exercising this summer. They are writing out 5 to 10 activities that they can do this summer and will be bringing it home next week. Enjoy the summer and I will see many of you for Playday 2011 on Tuesday, May 24th.

Week 28: Volleyball

This week in PE we are working on our volleyball skills. We will have four stations set up around the gym that work on the basics of volleyball.

1. Underhand Serve- Students will be practicing serving underhand to a partner on the other side of the net. Younger students will use modified equipment and will not go over the net.
2. Bump- A student will underhand throw to their partner while the other student bumps it back. After five attempts students switch roles.
3. Setting- At this station student will practice setting using a beach volleyball against the wall.
4. 4 Square Volleyball- All the same rules as four square except the server must use an underhand serve to start and every hit after must be a bump with two hands instead of just using one.

If class progress at a high skill level, two small sided games of beach volleyball will be played with remaining 10 minutes.

Week 26 and 27 Frisbee!!

These next two weeks we will be starting our Frisbee unit. Our first class will be devoted to learning the basics of throwing and catching a Frisbee. As their skill level goes up we will be playing target games, as well as small sided ultimate Frisbee games for our 3rd through 5th graders.

Basics throwing techniques that will be stressed:
1. Stepping with the same foot as you throw
2. Pointing to target
3. Flicking the wrist
4. Keep the Frisbee level upon release

We will focus on three basic catches that will include:
1. Alligator catch
2. Two handed catch
3. One handed catch

Week 2, we will be playing the Frisbee golf out on the grass field. This will stress a variety of skills that include long and short distance throwing as well as accuracy when throwing a Frisbee. Older kids will be keeping a score card while K- 2nd will just be learning the course and the basics.

I will be looking to meet NM State Standard # 1, and students will be assessed on how well they complete all four basic throwing techniques.