Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 28: Volleyball

This week in PE we are working on our volleyball skills. We will have four stations set up around the gym that work on the basics of volleyball.

1. Underhand Serve- Students will be practicing serving underhand to a partner on the other side of the net. Younger students will use modified equipment and will not go over the net.
2. Bump- A student will underhand throw to their partner while the other student bumps it back. After five attempts students switch roles.
3. Setting- At this station student will practice setting using a beach volleyball against the wall.
4. 4 Square Volleyball- All the same rules as four square except the server must use an underhand serve to start and every hit after must be a bump with two hands instead of just using one.

If class progress at a high skill level, two small sided games of beach volleyball will be played with remaining 10 minutes.