Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 13: Mat Wrestling

This week in physical education the students are participating in non-traditional wrestling. It is not the wresting you may have grown up with or see at a normal high school wrestling match. It highly modified to fit the needs of our K thru 5th graders. All our wrestling games are set up the same basic way, two students on each end of matt with a referee off the matt in the middle, and a student waiting behind the referee. It is the referees job to make sure both students are ready, to say go and to determine a winner if a dispute arises. The referee also determines if any rules are broken and if a student is being too rough.

Matt Wrestling Games:
1.Capture the flag wresting- Each student is trying to take the other students flag out of the cone before their flag is taken. The flag and cones are placed directly behind each student at the start.
2.Tail Wrestling- Each student receives a flag and places it in their back pocket (their tail), the object of the game is each student is trying to pull the flag out of the other students pocket before their flag is pulled.
3.Flamingo Wrestling- Each student starts by holding one leg up (like a flamingo). The object of the game to try to make the other student let go of their leg or bump them off the matt.
4.Bumper Car Wrestling- Each student starts by connecting their hands behind their knee so they are in a squat position. The object of the game is to try to make the other wrestler let go of there stance or “bump” them off the matt.
5.Ball Wrestling- This game starts in the middle of the matt and uses a giant four square ball. The object is to take the ball from the middle of the matt and touch your cone with it.

These games can become competitive and we start the day off by discussing sportsmanship and fair play. I feel it is good for the students to be competitive at times in a controlled environment. The physical education standard we are striving to meet this week is standard number 5, the student exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.