Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 5: Throwing and Catching

This week in PE we are working on throwing and catching. For the younger grades we will focus on the underhand throw and catching with two hands. The main cues for the under hand throw are “Tick Tock.” We will start by throwing to a target and move on to partners and then put it into a small game called Oscar’s garbage can. During this game students must use an underhand throw to the garbage can (mats that are standing up) while two students are in the garbage can throwing is back out.

For the older grades we will be outside if the weather permits and working on the overhand throw. We will have all different kinds of equipment to throw, things ranging from a football to a yarn ball. The main cues for the overhand throw are
1. Side to target
2. Step with the opposite foot
3. Make an L- Shape with the arm you are throwing with
4. Follow through

After throwing to one another for a while we will work on throwing to a moving target and then put it all into a game called ultimate football. I am more focused on the throwing this week and less concerned about the catching however next week we will primarily focus on the catch side of things.