Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 14th 2017!!

Week 6: Overhand throwing

This week in PE we are having a paper and pencil assessment on the overhand throw. We covered the overhand throw this last week and we are review it again this week in the form of an assessment and also some great games. Younger students will be informally assessed rather than a paper and pencil assessment.

After the assessment we will be doing an activity called clean out your backyard. This activity seeks to give all the students several opportunities to practice the overhand throw. The object of the game is to keep you backyard clean (your side of the gym) by throwing all the balls on your side to the other side. The middle of the gym is separated by a volleyball net and the balls must go over the net. Both sides battle to see who can have the least amount of balls on their side when the music stops.

At the end of class students will be given some free time to throw paper airplanes around the gym and again practice the overhand throw.