Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 14 & 15: Cup Stacking

This week in PE we are doing Cup Stacking at Osuna Elementary! Cup stacking is team as well as individual sport. When I first discovered cup stacking I had some doubts to the benefits but as I have witnessed fellow colleagues present this unit I have seen the great results to this activity. So what is cup stacking? The name says it all it is stacking cups in certain patterns. Some of the basic stacks include the 3-3-3 stack, the 3-6-3, the 6-6 and the 1-10-1. Students are introduced to these various stacks and then given practice time. After practice they can pair and compete against their classmates. This activity helps students to use both their dominant and non-dominant hand, as well as improve hand-eye coordination. It helps students to cross the mid-line of their brain and increase brain activity. I also intend to use this activity for rainy days, indoor recess, and other unpredicted events. Right now we are borrowing cups from another school but are looking to buy our own if we can get the funding. For more information about cup stacking visit their website at http://www.speedstacks.com/. This week I am looking to meet New Mexico State Standard number 2.