Welcome Back PE will begin Monday Audust 13!!

Week 17: Team Juggling!!

Welcome back! It was a very restful break and happy new year to all! This week we are doing a cooperative game called team juggling. This is a great unit that helps students work together and realize the importance of a team. It differs from regular juggling because 10-12 students are placed in a circle and given one ball to start. They proceed to toss it to the person across from them, then that student tosses it to a different person across from them, this continues until all players on the team have caught and thrown the ball. The pattern stays the same for the rest of the game. It continues to get harder because different equipment is added to the pattern so as many as 4 objects are going at once. When they have practiced for some time, then I time each team to see who has the least amount of drops in 1 minute. Last year we only had two teams in the whole school that didn’t drop a ball for the whole minute. I also include a 5 minute session where teams can give suggestions on what they can do better and come up with strategies to help them be successful. The standard I am looking to meet is New Mexico State Standard # 5 (Check out all our standards under the Great PE Links section).